Development Objectives

Founded in 2011, the Chinese Language Center (CLC) is a government-recognized center for teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language at Kun Shan University (KSU) in Greater Tainan City which is the oldest city in Taiwan. CLC is located in the southwest of Greater Tainan. We provide a serene and inspirational environment for language and research. The Chinese Language Center aims to cultivate students’ Chinese comprehension abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We not only provide Chinese language programs for foreigners and locals, but also design special programs to meet the needs of learners with advanced Chinese proficiency. Our international students come from around the globe. All levels of standard and classical Chinese as well as Chinese culture are taught here. Students will be able to use their Chinese skills to obtain more professional knowledge, to be competent in a career, and to realize the essence of the local culture. Whatever the motivation or initial level is, the CLC will do all it can to ensure that the student makes rapid progress. All classes at the CLC are conducted in the target language. In CLC, you can choose either Chinese Phonetic Symbols-Chinese Pinyin, Taiwan's Pinyin or both; you can also choose either Chinese characters-traditional or simplified characters.

We also provide lots of Chinese professional courses, such as: Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese, and other Chinese history and cultural courses. KSU is a world-renowned university for the cultivation of high-tech talents. Our graduates have a very high employment rate in internationally renowned enterprises. We look forward to every foreign graduating and working in Taiwan, China, or international enterprises.

The CLC consists of over 20 experienced faculty members with holding National Certificates of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. CLC instructors are well prepared to satisfy each student’s needs and goals. In addition, many of them are involved in the development of new teaching materials. The CLC holds workshops, lectures, and conferences on Chinese teaching pedagogy to enhance and maintain the level of teaching quality. Teachers receive objective evaluations from students twice each semester.

Features & specialties

  1. The most important mission of the center is to help foreign students to acquire TOCFL certificates and to train Chinese teachers of Taiwanese nationality to acquire TCSL certificates.
  2. KSU offers foreign students different scholarships during their study in Taiwan.
  3. The teachers in this center have good command of Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, Traditional Chinese Character, Pinyin and Simplified Chinese Character.
  4. The teachers that the center hired have TCSL certificates issued by the Ministry of Education. They are skilled in Chinese teaching besides being amiable, respectable and enthusiastic.
  5. KSU offers 18 hours free class to help foreign students participate and earn the TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language ) Certificate before they graduate.
  6. CLC provides 1-2 free Chinese tutors for each foreign student for learning Chinese after class.
  7. The center has combined the available resources of Kun Shan University with local culture and ecology. Based on the different needs and interests of foreign students, the center gives them a wide variety of culture trip courses: Watching traditional Taiwan folk plays and puppet shows, listening to Chinese traditional music , going on a tour of the National Museum of Taiwan istory, the National museum of Taiwan literature, the Tainan municipal park Chi-Mei museum, the Salt museum , Ten Drum Culture Village,historic sites , and Chigu bird-watching, or participating in some activities such as tea ceremony, Chinese traditional painting and rubbing etc.
  8. To achieve better results, the center does its utmost to create a pleasant and good Chinese-speaking environment, to pay close attention to individual needs of foreign students and to put special emphasis on Chinese daily conversation and creative activities and professional Chinese course design.
  9. CLC provides many free practical courses and interesting cultural activities to foreign students. 
  10. KSU established a Mandarin on-line learning platform for learning in many countries.
  11. Tainan city is over 400 years old. It enjoys abundant cultural resources, naïve and honest people, sound law and stable order, fair prices of commodities, a mild climate, and bright sunshine. It is an ideal city not only for Taiwanese but for foreigners to study in.