Learning Resources

(一) Chinese E-Learning:

(1)Huay-World/Overseas Chinese Affairs Council (OCAC)

1. A range of tools are available on this site, including 'teaching materials' (Materials), 'teachers' communities' (Communities), 'Cloud schools' (Schools) and 'excellent digital products of Taiwan' (Products).
2. These tools are incorporated into the site to provide overseas Chinese teachers, Chinese descendants and international friends with a brand-new digital learning experience that teaching and learning are accessible anytime and anywhere.
3. This Chinese-learning material is in ten volumes.

(2)World Chinese Language/World Chinese Language Association


1. The Association published the first Chinese Teaching Magazine and Journal: Providing an Interaction Platform of Chinese Teaching and Learning
2. It edited Chinese language and folk teaching materials.
3.It established Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, NTNU.

(3)Chinese –linguipedia/The General Association of Chinese Culture

1.A “Chinese language reference book” was compiled by the scholars across the Taiwan Strait. . It contains the parallel Chinese translation of technical terms and that of the frequently used terms in elementary and high school across the Taiwan Strait.
2. The complete introduction to Chinese art and the evolution of character art are available.

(4)Chinese digitalarchives  /Wenzao Ursline University of Language


1. The website offers language-learning animation materials / Chinese caption(no Pinyin or no BOPOMO phonetic symbol)
2. It has after-school interaction-learning animation games.
3. It privides advanced reading/articles plus phonetic learning.
4. It has SimCity/ GaoXong MRTS ticket-buying animation.

(5)USC Chinese Language Program  /University of Southern California


1.The program provides pictures of the calligraphic style of Chinese characters, Pinyin, pronunciation and relevant characters.
2.Radical are underlined in red.

(二) Online Chinese-learning websites:
1.Translation, Pinyin and dictionary

(1)Parallel table of Pinyin/National Chi Nan University.

1.The website has two systems of phonetic symbol: Chinese Pinyin and Tongyong Pinyin.
2.All pronunciations of characters have their contrasting pinyin.
3.Pinyin classified in order is easy to read.

(2)The revised Chinese dictionary/Ministry of Education , R.O.C


1.The way of searching for the meaning of characters through BOPOMO symbols and Chinese Pinyin is suitable for the students who have learned chinese.
2.There are six ways of search: Basic Search, Advanced Search, BOPOMO Search, Stroke Number Search, Radical Search and Learning notebook.

(3)Mini-Chinese Dictionary/National Institute of Education

Five indexes can be used to search for vocabulary on this website.

1.Content Search [鍵入字形(音)查詢]
2.Radical Search [利用部首查詢]
3.Stroke number Search [利用總筆畫數查詢]
4.Pronunciation Search [利用音讀查詢]
5.Picture Search [利用圖片查詢]

(4)Traditional Chinese to PinYin  /


1.The website offers two systems of pronunciations: tone Pinyin and toneless Pinyin.
2.It has the function of translating articles.

2.Writing, stroke order and stroke number

(1)Learning Program for Stroke of Frequently used Chinese Characters/Ministry of Education, R.O.C

1.The website has program for stroke of frequently used Chinese characters.
2.It offers practice in stroke order
3.It has Bopomofo symbol workbook and vocabulary workbook.
4.There are six frequently-used search methods : Search by Character Search by Multiple characters Search by Bopomofo Search by Stroke Number Search by Radical Search by Pinyin They are extremely suitable for beginners.

(2)Vocabulary workbook of elementary school (New Taipei City)/Education Department , New Taipei City

1.The vocabulary workbook is basic to learning Chinese character in elementary school.
2.Learners can download vocabulary workbook.
3.There are the demonstration of Bopomofo phonetic symbol and that of stroke order.

(3)Ntnu vocabulary workbook/National Taiwan Normal University

1.The system can automatically convert vocabulary into vocabulary workbook. It provides students with drill in three different forms of traditional Chinese : Non-phonetic symbol, BOPOMO phonetic symbol and Chinese Pinyin. Students can download them according to what they needs.
2.It has a function of choice in pronunciation. Once students encounter character with several pronunciations, they can directly click on characters. The system can immediately show correct pronunciations.
3.It adopts Hua Kang regular script in its stroke order. Students can print characters onto A4 paper immediately after they download them.


3.Shape, pronunciation and meaning

(1)Xiao Xue and the database of ancient and modern Chinese characters/Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University

1.The database of ancient and modern Chinese characters.
2.Through attribute prefix-search, the database of philology can be connected to the database of shape, pronunciation and meaning.
3.Language tool softwares can be downloaded.

(2)Shape, pronunciation and meaning- online dictionary/

1.The dictionary has concise layout and clear statements.
2.It facilitates fast search and has plentiful contents.


(3) Multifunction Chinese character Database/Human Arts and Computer Center, Chinese University Hong Kong

1.1. The website contains ancient shape of characters、the understanding of characters meaning by their shape、Cantonese dubbing database and English-Chinese Index.
2.2. It offers complete database about the shape, pronunciation and meaning of Chinese characters.

(4)LINEN English- Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary style="color:#A9A9A9">/ 1.The website has Chinese-English electronic dictionary with the function of search by hand-writing.
2.It automatically displays various corresponding characters, stroke order, pronunciation, Chinese translation , English translation and spelling.
3.Its layout is simple and easy for beginner to learn.
Line 漢語音譯辭典

4.Learning by online games

(1)BOPOMO Journey to the West/Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University

1.The vivid plot of the stories with games strengthens students’s learning motive.

(2)Ying Chinese learning website/

1.The website contains dialogues, patterns, grammar, short sentences and vocabulary which are helpful for students to learn.
2.Through listening, games are easily played. They are beneficial to students when students learn Chinese in the direct way of thinking.

5.Comparison between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

(1)Comparison Chart between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese/

1.Characters are divided into two groups : frequently used characters and less frequently used ones.
2.Characters are classified by BOPOMOFO symbols.