Kun Shan University was founded in 1964. Covering 22.3483 hectares, it is located in Yongkan district., Tainan city- a centuries- old city. The breathtaking and beautiful view of Kun Shan Lake is the historic site of Crucian Lake--one of Tainan’s eight well- known scenic spots in the Ching Dynasty. The university consists of six colleges—the college of engineering, the college of business and management, the college of creative media, the college of information technology, the college of applied human ecology and the international college. Besides 4 bachelor programs and 15 graduate schools, the colleges are divided into 21 departments. Adhering to the four educational concepts -solidity, resolution, honesty and simplicity, the founder of the university-Mr. Tsen-Ho Lee has been dedicated to vocational education in Taiwan for the past several decades. Those who graduated from the university have been favorites with enterprises.


   Chinese language center of Kun Shan University was officially established in July 2011 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Its main mission is to promote traditional Chinese characters and culture , to recruit students from all over the world, and to foster their ability in Chinese for their future professional use. So far, there have been lots of students from more than 30 countries who admired Kun Shan University and chose to study in this university.


   The center offers four regular Chinese Language sessions: spring, summer, fall and winter. It also offers additional summer and winter intensive Chinese sessions for foreign study tour groups. In order to make foreign students adapt themselves to local teaching methods, the center gives a wide variety of elective courses: professional Chinese, language monograph, selected readings in literature, and culture trips in expectation of promoting the efficiency of Chinese- teaching. In addition, the center recruits enthusiastic teaching assistants to be their tutors free of charge after class.


   The prospects for Chinese-teaching is in the full swing. In view of this, the center makes efforts to propagate Chinese-teaching, to give more regular Chinese teacher training courses and to conduct Chinese teaching workshops in hope of competitively training more excellent Chinese teachers at home and abroad. With the traffic convenience , local people’s simplicity and honesty, and fair prices of commodities , the center has become the hub of Chinese- teaching in southern Taiwan and attracted a lot of young foreigners all over the world to enroll in Kun Shan University.